Seguin HR

Human Resource Management

Seguin HR

Seguin-HR is Human Resource Management in one user friendly package. Manage benefits, payroll data, notifications, and talent in an easy and flexible interface. Seguin-HR provides unmatched functional abilities.

Seguin-HR interfaces with our other products to complete a world class practice management system.

Here is a partial list of features:

  • Track Address Changes
  • Track Payroll Changes
  • Track Tax changes
  • Insurance Census
  • Dental Census
  • Medical Credits/Debits
  • Paid Time Off credits/debits/gifting
  • Reviews
  • Phone lists
  • Reimbursements
  • Retirement Account Tracking
  • License and Registrations Tracking and notifications – Renewal alerts
  • Education, employment history, experience, qualifications
  • Projects, training, affiliations
  • Warnings Tracking
  • Orientation items/training and tracking
  • Employee Inventory
  • Text Message and/or email notifications
  • Quick letters
  • Separate Inventory Interface with Phone Numbers for support staff use.