Seguin Software

Designed With Medical Professionals

Every day we help health organizations increase their efficiency and deliver better health options and outcomes to their patients. We developed our systems with the help of the people using them.

Seguin EMR

Developed in front of medical professions to operate with their daily workflow.

Data Services

A team of data specialists to move your data from the previous vendor.

Seguin Billing

Seguin-Billing is a complete insurance and private pay billing system.

Training Services

Seguin offers training online, by phone, video conferencing, or live in person.

Seguin HR

Seguin-HR is Human Resource Management in one user friendly package.


Streamline operations and improve efficiency with a Seguin Coach.

Designed with medical professionals, our software works like you want and achieve greater savings in time and money.

Our EMR and Billing solutions coupled with HR allow you to quickly work through your work load and automatically send items to billing and payroll. You increase productivity and eliminate errors. You get more time for clients, more billing, and less frustration.

There are no limitations, technical or otherwise, to implementing these products.


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